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A Quid Loan Relieves Pressure

Your toilet has no thought what is going on inside your checking account; your toilet is clueless about the condition of your credit cards. Your toilet basically understands that it is clogged at the j-link in the drainage pipe and pressure is building every minute. Every flush pushes the pressure a small closer to intolerable. Your toilet wants either to explode or to overflow all over the bathroom and into the hallway which you lately refurbished with new carpeting. You know you need a plumber fast, and you also know that the plumber will charge you a cool 80 American dollars for every hour he fumbles with his snakes and wrenches. Luckily, you have experience and good sense to tell you that you can get a Quid Loan while the plumber hops in his truck and drives on over.
Meanwhile, you have a toothache that hurts more than you have words for describing. The pain throbs in your head with every beat of your heart, reaction as though wicked small yard gnomes with vice-grips and sledge hammers are pounding on your jaw and slamming away at your sinus cavities. The dentist will call this trouble a "severe abscess," but you just know it hurts worse than childbirth. The wicked small yard gnomes have no idea the state of your finances; they do not keep track of your credit scores. They just keep intensifying your misery as they sledge and vice-grip to their hearts' content. Luckily, you know that you can write a check today, receiving cash for your urgent situation oral operation, paying back your Payday Loan when the check arrives on the 15th of the month.

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